About Us

The concept of the School is based on the philosophy of renowned Academician and Scientist Prof. J. P. Lal working in one of the best University of India i.e. Banaras Hindu University, who felt the need of an institution which provides our children a proper and balance dose of education and ethics along with the modern amenities of learning. Hence, in our School children will be carved with proper blend of education with traditional values. Our principle is “learning while playing“, because it‘s the talent & passion that counts in success. The only thing we do is to nourish the children in a healthy manner to harness their talent in meaningful result without hurting their childhood.

At Play Group stage, children are exposed to a lot of basic learning activities that help them to get independent faster. These activities help children to develop many self-help qualities like eating food themselves, dressing up, maintaining cleanliness and other such basic qualities. Like exchanging greetings, sharing of food and toys, identifying their possessions, etc. One big advantage is that as children interact with children of their own age, they tend to develop their language skills at a fast pace with more vocabularies to their credit. At middle or junior school the students learn discipline and time management to do their work timely and efficiently. Moreover at this stage the students energy have to molded into constructive way.

The teachers and staffs are well versed in their profile apart from being caring and friendly. Their purpose is to stimulate the child's enthusiasm for learning and to guide it, without interfering with the child's natural desire to become independent. All this leads to children realizing their full potential through learning that is meaningful, experiential and fun